Marie Riley designates $1.2 million estate gift

Riley, Marie“She was a gem; a complete and utter gem.”

Marie Riley came to SpiriTrust Lutheran®, The Village at Sprenkle Drive with her husband, Preston, more than a decade ago. They enjoyed their modest cottage together until Preston’s health began to deteriorate, leading to his death.

It was a hard loss for Marie. But Marie was a fighter and a survivor who had known loss before and always bounced back with remarkable cheerfulness. Raised by family members due to her mother’s poor health, Marie found a career in nursing – a perfect outlet for her compassionate heart and love of others.

She described her marriage to Preston as “wonderful,” but they were denied their lifelong desire for a child. But Marie “mothered” many children throughout her life. “Everything isn’t about bloodlines,” she would say with a smile.

Two years ago, Marie’s own health began to deteriorate rapidly. With her characteristic good humor she said “the doctors want to be kind, but they know they can’t fool a nurse.” Marie died peacefully in the cottage and community she had come to call home – cared for by SpiriTrust Lutheran’s team at The Village at Sprenkle Drive and SpiriTrust Lutheran® Home Care & Hospice.

And the quiet, humble legacy of Preston and Marie Riley lives on in an estate gift to the SpiriTrust Lutheran® Foundation in excess of $1.2 million. Through their generosity, the Riley’s gift helped support the recent campus additions, as well as providing benevolent care funds for The Village at Sprenkle Drive residents in perpetuity.

“It was my privilege to know Marie Riley as a resident, a donor, and more importantly a friend – and a great friend to our agency and to countless individuals who will continue to be blessed in years to come by her and her husband.” said Glenn D. Miller, Vice President for External Relations and President of the SpiriTrust Lutheran Foundation. “She was a gem; a complete and utter gem.”